Watch the video below to see what fast-moving foot & ankle surgeons are doing to escape this fate.
Is this really happening???
If reimbursements continue to go DOWN, the number of patients we see will have to go UP and Private Practice ownership may become unsustainable.

If you are over-worked and underpaid as a foot & ankle surgeon let me tell you I've been there before, Struggling with patient overload, insurance BS, wondering where my lifestyle went? I almost quit.

But through a surprising sequence of events I found the ONE THING that completely turned my podiatry career around.  

Now I'm working just 2.5 days a week enjoying a high-six-figure income with plenty of time to enjoy my family and other business pursuits such as real estate, marketing and consulting.  

I also founded the International Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery (MIFAS) Cadaver Lab as well as teaching students at Rosalind Franklin University/Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. 

I've also published a Amazon Bestseller titled, "Opt-Out: How to take back financial control of your medical private practice".  

But I swear I can remember vividly when I was overloaded with patients and paperwork on the verge of quitting podiatry altogether and starting a Korean Fusion restaurant. 

At that time, I was shocked to be paid so little as a hard-working physician. How poor my lifestyle was becoming and it had nothing to do with my skills or ability.  

The economy was changing, Obamacare became a thing and the medical insurance world became ridiculously convulted.  

Not only that, but I found myself unable to offer the best solutions to patients because it wasn't covered under their plan. That is when I said enough is enough.  

And the timing was truly perfect because a friend of my had been bugging me to go to this MIS conference in New Orleans. I finally gave in and I am very glad a did.  

When I got there I was hit with a massive epiphany about podiatry.  

Minimally Invasive Surgery was that ONE THING. 

And offering it to cash-pay patients was the way I could avoid relying on the insurance networks.  

From that day forward I poured my life into developing my MIS skillset.  

I travelled to see my surgical mentors over 40 times in 3 years. I also invested a lot of time and money to fully understand how to offer hybrid-concierge services with a high-ticket price asking patients to pay out of pocket.  

But this all paid off big time. 

My practice transformed dramatically.  

Less Patients. More Revenue.
Less Headaches. More Freedom
Less fear. More Respect.  

Let me ask you a question...  

What would your life look like if you could attract patients who were willing to pay out of pocket for your specialized niche services and you were getting paid what you were truly worth? 

How much time would you save if you had your own in-office surgical suite? 

How much more enjoyable would your daily life be if you could see just 6-10 patients a day and offer them your best possible solution rather than seeing 20-30 patients a day and providing sub-optimal care due to time constraints and lack of coverage. 

Just imagine...

Your patients can get their foot and ankle surgeries done by you, in your office, where they feel comfortable and have minimal travel and high-quality recovery.

They are happy to pay cash because they want to solve their pain today, they are prioritizing their health over money, they want the best and I don't think it takes a genius to see that when possible - they prefer minimally invasive surgery. 

The reality is that MIFAS is the future for us podiatrists. It's really not a matter of if you convert to hybrid-concierge and offer niche solutions, its a matter of when. Either that or you go work for the hospital I guess... 

Or maybe you don't do that and instead...maybe you agree that you should invest in your MIS skillset now, setup an office-based surgical suite and start moving towards offering a cash-only niche service. 

Bunions. Exostectemies. Osada Drill. Hybrid-Concierge. The future of podiatry.  

Is this what you want to do? Is this what you believe in?  

Would you like to start commanding premium pricing from cash-pay patients and say goodbye to insurance networks and their dwindling reimbursements? 

If your answer is no. I cannot help you. I am not going that direction.  

If your answer is yes... 
then the absolute fastest method of implementation...
with the lowest risk...
at the most effective cost would be...
What is The MIFAS Accelerator Program and how can it help me improve my practice revenue?

MIFAS ACCELERATOR™ is an online coaching program that allows any Foot & Ankle Surgeon who is committed to transformation to implement MIFAS services in their current practice which will allow them to offer the best treatment solutions with high-ticket cash-pay services to their patients instead of relying on insurance plans & reimbursements. 

MIFAS ACCELERATOR™ has been engineered for you to learn, implement and perform minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery in the comfort of your office-based surgery suite.

After 4 years of extensive trials and error, and contributions from colleagues and mentors from around the world, I now offer you my latest, most-innovative and intuitive program ever.

You'll learn everything you need to implement MIFAS at your own office-based surgery suite and you should start attracting 3-10 cases a week before the end of six months using our system. 

Dr. Ahn has developed a proven method that will allow you to escape the insurance-based private practice business model and take on the hybrid-concierge cash-pay model.  

Click the button below and you'll be taken to a short survey which will gather info for your free strategy session.  

You will be given a chance to schedule a call at your convenience and at that time we will determine if you are a good fit for the program.  

On that call we will assess your practice, your goals and your ability to invest in developing this new area of your business.  

Only if you are the right fit does it make sense to break down the entire program details but I can tell you our program has everything you need to learn, market and implement MIFAS.  

If you are ready to take action click below.
Still unsure? Find out what your colleagues are saying about the program:
'Joining TJ is one of the best career decisions I've ever made.'
'TJ has built a support group that is fantastic and I approve it wholeheartedly.'
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'This has put me in a great position to start my own private practice."
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'He's a great coach. Very knowledgable.'
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