Who Else Wants a MASSIVE CASH FLOW Boost to Their Medical Private Practice?
Breaking the 7-Figure Ceiling...
There's nothing worse than making a MASSIVE investment of time and money in your career only to see it wasted.

You worked so hard, studied for so long and you invest, invest, invest - but where did it get you?

Only so far. You start asking why?

Why aren't you thriving?
Why aren't you progressing?
Why aren't you enough?

So what the heck are you missing? What do the top practice owners know that you don't?

Unfortunately, medical schools and similar institutions have left out a critical component from your education.

They tell you how to treat a patient...

But they don't tell you how to acquire a patient, nor how to help the patient make conscious decision to accept your treatment solutions.

And they certainly don't teach you how to break the 7-figure income ceiling.

But throughout this page I will share with you what it took for me to transform my practice.
The 3 Pillars of a 7-Figure Practice
Looking back, it all makes sense...

When my practice was struggling...I was still thinking like a doctor

Ignoring the business aspect of the practice right in front of my face. Silly me!

However, when things turned around, it was because I started thinking like a business owner. 

If I had to narrow it down to 3 core pillars of 7-figure success it would be:

1. Highly Qualified Lead Generation

When you have a great niche offer, there are some truly revolutionary digital marketing methods to get patients in your door who are ready to pay cash.

Imagine your phone ringing with patients who are ready to pay cash and be served today. What does it take to achieve that kind of consistent lead generation in today's market?

2. Modern Social Proof

When you are asking patients to pay cash, they need another level of trust. There are many ways we accomplish this in real life and online.

Imagine your patients KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU even before they meet you

Wouldn't that make talking with them much easier? Wouldn't they be more likely to become your patient? I think so.

3. Advanced Patient Communication

The biggest thing to get used to is offering $3000+ services. It's a lot different than reviewing what's covered under insurance. I bet you hate this part. I did...

Imaging actually being comfortable and confident talking to patients about money without feeling any pressure or awkwardness around "closing" them. 

There are 100% ethical persuasion techniques that will help your patients see clearly that your solution is the preferred choice.
Less patients, but  More Profits.
Less Headaches, but  More Freedom.
It took me $185,000 to uncover these well-guarded 7-figure secrets...

I was obsessed to find the SECRET.

Once I made the decision to succeed nothing stopped me.

40+ flights around the country to visit mentors and coaches.

$185,000 spent on sales and marketing seminars, programs and coaching. 

I put in so much time to understand what the top 1% of practice owners were doing. I modeled after them. I kept testing, trying, optimizing...

And guess what...before I knew it...my practice had transformed.

I had found the Missing Link!

It was to have that Consistent Floodgate of Cash flow,

"CASH FLOW" was the #1 driver of a successful private practice. 

And when I started prioritizing my actions around cash flow...

I started seeing less patients and making MORE money.

I started dealing with less insurance and became almost exclusively PAID in CASH.

I went from being cash-dry to cash-FLOODED

I was not only excited - I was relieved. I felt like I had escaped a trap. 

I felt like if I hadn't of done all of this I might have been forced to give up. 

I know not all of you are in insurance-driven industries - but I was, so this was a big step to remove myself from that sinking ship.

I am no longer a slave to the insurance networks.

But even if you don't rely on insurance...
Even if you are already in a cash-pay practice...
And even if you already have decent leads coming in... 

  • What if you could bring 10, 20, even 30 ADDITIONAL highly qualified patients pre-educated, every single month on demand?​
  • ​What if you could increase their rate of acceptance and get them excited to pay CASH?
  • ​What if you could drastically increase the CASH-FLOW of your private practice?
How would that change your career life?
How would that affect your family life?

I have some great news for you...

I've developed a program to help you exactly with this.  

But much faster than how long it took me.  So you don't have to try this alone...
The Profit Alchemy™
For Private Practice Owners
Learn How to Command High-Ticket Premium Pricing & Qualified Patient Lead Generation Marketing for Your Niche Medical Services.
This proprietary program is the missing link for so many private practice owners. 

It contains all of the critical components a private practice owner needs to go from expert service provider to 7-figure business owner.

If you have a niche medical speciality and you are not hitting your revenue goals this is for you.

The Profit Alchemy is an 12-week hybrid mentorship program, equipped with an online masterclass, weekly live coaching calls with Dr. Ahn which will support your implementation of the program with accountability. 

Here is Exactly What You'll Take Away If You Enroll in This Results-Driven Program...
An easy-to-implement, distillation of my past 5 years investing over $185,000 in business coaching programs, conferences, and mastermind groups.  After so much trial & error, I picked, modified, and distilled the most important business skillsets perfectly for you.

You will have lifetime access to the masterclass, yes even newer versions of this masterclass in the future.

This program is designed with real-life and street-proven strategies and implementation plans!   

You will transform your private practice to a whole new level.  However, this special program comes with a lot more than just the masterclass.
 Niche Selection and Crafting A High Ticket Offer
This is critical.  In order for you to build a lucrative cash model practice, you need to focus on offering less and select your unique niche within your current specialty.

You will learn how to select a profitable niche, and you will craft a high return-on-investment, highly profitable yet irresistable offer with my special formula.  With a properly engineered concierge offer based on a unique niche, you are ready to implement a disruptive marketing funnel.
 HIPAA-Compliant High-Ticket Lead Generation Marketing That You Can't Learn Anywhere Else
I want to arm you with the Disruptive Marketing principles and strategies you need to learn to become a powerful CEO of your practice.

How to spot and delegate the right type of marketer to bring you pre-sold high ticket patient leads and while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

You'll learn how to create impactful patient testimonial videos which will immediately set your practice apart from your competition and I will show you how you will be positioned as the authority of your niche in the most authentic forms.
 Advanced Ethical Persuasion Mastery That Will Drive Huge Increase of Patients' Acceptance and Cash Flow
You will become a master in communication skills that effectively and ethically persuade your patients to pay out of pocket without being salesy, pushy or manipulative. This is a very nuanced skill but once you have it, you have it for life.  I'll show you the best ways to do it as a doctor all the while getting your patients to thank you for offering them the best possible options available even if they may be $5000+.

You'll learn mind bending influencing skills, never taught at school, any school for that matter.

I'lll give you the exact medical treatment presentation steps to communicate to the patients and the detailed psychology behind patients mind to help them make informed decision to pay cash for the best solution for their needs.
 3 X  Live Q & A with Dr. TJ Ahn to Stay Motivated, Committed and Accountable.
This is what makes the program so powerful and transformational.

We currently host monthly live Q&A calls with Dr. Ahn.  Come for Q&A, community and support.

We will also do powerful 'doctor-patient' sales role plays to improve persuasion and communication skills with each other. I will be coaching you how to communicate with your patients when it comes to presenting your treatment solutions and how to sell your solutions.

 Bonus Module: The Heavily Guarded Mindset Secrets of 7-Figure Private Practice Owners
You'll learn how to shift your mindset from an insurance-based model to a patient-pay model or a concierge boutique model.

Without the mindset shift it is impossible to create the cash-pay practice. This will show you how to cultivate your 7-figure mindset. 

This will advance your practice AND your life. I've learned a lot from many amazing business courses and I want to share the most impactful tips and pearls that I've tested myself in the medical industry that you can use without any massive investments.
That's Not All! To Deliver The Maximum Success, 
On Top of the ENTIRE The Profit Alchemy™ "Platinum" Program 
You Will ALSO Receive the Following Special Bonuses at No-Cost...
Bonus #1: The TPA Vault  (Value: $12,000)
You'll have access to the earlier versions of The Profit Alchemy™️ program which contain even more tips, wisdoms and pearls that will empower you constantly to run a better practice. These ALONE are worth the cost of the program and in fact the first season of students learned using these materials. 

Bonus #2: The 7-Figure Private Practice Owners Marketing Resources, Swipe Files, Marketing Funnel Schematics (Value: $7,995)
You are not only getting a massive personal and practice transformation...

You are not only getting a MASSIVE knowledge transfer...

I'm also giving you my boilerplate master files so you can swipe them and use them in your practice. Saving You HUNDREDS of HOURS and THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.

Bonus #3:  Custom-Tailored 1-on-1 Marketing Strategy Session for Your Private Practice (Value: $795)
After you complete The Profit Alchemy Program, Dr. TJ Ahn and you will set up a 60-minute one-on-one strategy session as a graduation gift.  He will create a marketing strategies specifically pertinent to your practice to accelerate your success even faster.   He typically charges $695 for marketing strategy session, but this will be FREE for you.

Don't Take Our Word For it.
Here's What A Few Previous Clients
Have To Say About Dr. TJ Ahn And The Profit Alchemy™
"Despite my 13 years of success, I was burnt out by insurance plans and the number of patients I had to see everyday.  Now, I no longer operate my practice this way.  I can truly say that The Profit Alchemy has been one of the most incredible courses I've ever taken."

-Dr. Vim Reddy
"I absolutely love this program. It has been transformational. TJ opened my eyes to what I am capable of.  In fact, I just booked a case $5,000, all cash!  That I would never imagined previously, and definitely a lot more to come!!"

-Dr. Shermi Parikh
"If you are looking to escape insurance-reimbursements this is your vehicle.  This program is a purified distillation of business skills that you need, and Perfect training to dip your toe into the hybrid-concierge practice model."

-Dr. Chris Chow
"You don't know what true marketing is until you work with Dr. TJ Ahn and his wonderful team.  Your bank account will speak for itself..  The way TJ assembled The Profit Alchemy program is flawless!!"

-Dr. Abraham Wagner
The Benefits of the The Profit Alchemy are immeasurable. You won't find another program this impactful GUARANTEED.

Imagine If...
  • You can drive qualified warm leads who want to pay cash into your office week after week
  • You can talk with patients about money and your offers with ease and no hesitation
  • You fill your calendar with high-ticket patients leaving plenty of time for family
  • ​You could achieve all of this with just 3 hours of week dedicated to this program
Where Do You Go From Here?

You Are Ready To Build Your Dream Practice!

Here is how to find out if you are right fit for 
The Profit Alchemy™ program...
Click the button below and you'll be taken to a short survey which will gather info for your free strategy session.

You will be given a chance to schedule a call at your convenience and on that call we will determine if you are a good fit for the TPA program.

On that call we will assess your practice, your goals and your ability to invest in developing this new area of your business.

Only if you are the right fit does it make sense to break down the entire program details but I can tell you our program has everything you need to advance your private practice quickly and effectively using our proven methods.

If you are ready to take action click below.
Frequently Asked Questions
I am too busy and don't have a lot of time. How much do I have to commit?
Well, I understand that you are too busy seeing so many patients to meet your revenue needs.  But don't you have time to transform your current practice so you will have more time for yourself and your family?  Isn't it the reason why you want to change the way you practice?  Only 3 hours a week is required for success in this program, you are free to do more, but 3 is enough.  It comes with bite-size video lessons and worksheets where you may want to invest 2 hours a week, then attend the live coaching call one hour a week.  If you can't commit 3 hours per week to maximize the cash flow of your practice, you may not be the right fit for my program.
When does this program start? Is there a specific enrollment period?
Our new season starts from March 1st, 2021.  However, there is no specific enrollment period.  When you join the program, you will be provided with a full onboarding process and the schedule is set up automatically.  Every week, your new module will be unlocked.  The monthly coaching call schedule is also delivered to you by email and through membership portal, so you won't miss them.  I work with a small number of clients in any given month, though.  If I am full with that particular month, you may begin at the following month.
Is there a money back guarantee? 
No, there is no money back guarantee in this program. When you are looking for a way out before you commit to take massive actions, it usually doesn't work.  We like to work with someone who is coachable and committed to transform.  We have 100% completion so far, and I would like to keep it that way.  That's why it is important to schedule a call with my team to find out if The Profit Alchemy is the right program and also if we are a good fit to work together before you join the program.

How is the support level if I have questions? 
We are proud of our world-class level support.  I take this program and your success very seriously.  You will have multiple ways to ask for support.  Simple ask us anything via Email, text, phone, and also the membership portal if you are having issues.

Everything You Are Getting: 

  • The Profit Alchemy Masterclass Course (Lifetime Access)
  • ​3X Live Group Q&A Calls with Dr. TJ Ahn during 12 Weeks
  • ​​Special Bonus #1: TPA Vault (Previous Versions)
  • ​Special Bonus #2: Marketing Templates & Swipe files
  • ​Special ​Bonus #3: 1-on-1 Marketing Strategy Sessions with Dr. TJ Ahn
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